World’s First Breathing Mask
with Carbon Nanoclusters coating

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A groundbreaking line of filtering masks designed to offer advanced protection against airborne particulates and biological agents.

The exclusive Carbon Nanoclusters coating gives the devices outstanding antimicrobial and bacteriostatic properties.

The masks are washable, reusable up to 30 times.

Model NCN MR2 has been filed and registered at the Italian Ministry of Health.


Medical Device Class 1 Masks

Carbon Nanoclusters masks are a Medical Device Class 1, tested and approved according to the European Directive 93/42/CEE.

The purpose of these medical-surgical devices is to protect both medical staff and patients from being exposed to pathogenic and polluting agents.

The device is registered at the Italian Ministry of Health with nr. 1929079.

In Italy, the usage of surgical masks is currently regulated under the Legislative Decree n. 9 dated March 3rd, 2020, Article 34, Clause 3:

In relation to the emergency referred to in this decree, in accordance with the guidelines given by the World Health Organization and in accordance with current scientific evidence, it is allowed to resort to surgical masks, as a suitable device to protect healthcare professionals.


Features and Benefits

Carbon Nanoclusters

Product treated with exclusive Carbon Nanoclusters NCN NCN materials with high anti-particle, antimicrobial and bacteriostatic properties.

Face Protection Degree
Tested and Approved

Product tested and approved for its bacteriostatic properties against:
Staphylococcus Aeurus, Klebsiella Pneumoniae, Escherichia Coli, Bacillus Subtilis.

Organic Cotton

Fabric made from certified organic cotton.


Washable in cold water up to 30 times.

Design e Comfort

Foldable design, easy to store. Designed to follow facial movements for an optimal, comfortable fit.


Carbon Nanoclusters Coating Process

Carbon Nanoclusters are applied to certified GOTS 100% BCI Organic Cotton via “deep coating” procedures.

Afterward, Carbon Nanoclusters coated fabric is pressed in order to retrieve exceeding NCN solution, before being processed through the drying unit.


Carbon Nanoclusters Antibacterial Properties

Carbon Nanoclusters represent a group of compounds made from compositions of carbon atoms which are properly functionalized for different stoichiometric ratios.

Carbon Nanoclusters differentiate from each other according to the bonds that keep these atoms together (covalent, ionic, metallic, Van der Walls’s, or hydrogen bonds).

Carbon Nanoclusters are particularly relevant because of their unique biological and chemical properties. Carbon Nanoclusters represent a bridge between atomic and molecular structures and loose materials. Unlike loose materials, which have constant physical properties, the physical properties of nanoclusters change according to their dimension.

Because of their nanometric size, Carbon Nanoclusters are considered an extremely promising material in order to design antimicrobial surfaces, thanks to their contact antimicrobial action.

During effectiveness tests, Carbon Nanoclusters interacted with bacteria in a cellular entrapment mechanism made extremely efficient thanks to their peculiar dimensional features.


Available models



Both models can be customized with company logos or other graphics.


NCN-MR2 per l'industria alimentare

Al fine di soddisfare gli standard richiesti agli operatori del settore industriale alimentare, è stata realizzata una variante in bianco del tessuto in cotone organico trattato ai Carbon Nanocluster.

Le mascherine bianche permettono di identificare facilmente la presenza di macchie o altri contaminanti, garantendo la sicurezza del processo produttivo.

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